DHT11 Temperature Humidity sensor

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DHT11 is a low power consumption digital temperature-humidity sensor with signal transmission capability of up-to 20m distance. 


DHT11  sensor gives a reliable and stable measurement in  both humidity and temperature. It has a protective humidity measurement component. It also has a Negative Temperature Coefficient measurement.  In addition, DHT11 is a low power consumption sensor. Lastly, it has a signal transmission ability of up-to 20m distance.


  • DHT11 has a voltage of 3-5.5V DC.
  • It has a humidity measuring range of between 20-90% RH.
  • It has a temperature measuring range of between 0-50°c.
  • DHT11 sensor has a humidity accuracy of ± 5% RH.
  • The sensor has a temperature accuracy of ± 2°C.
  • DHT11 has 3 pins in a single row.
  • The sensor has a Digital signal output.

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