Water vending machines are some of the most profitable machines in Kenya. Imagine buying water at Ksh 2 per litre and reselling from Ksh. 10 per litre where most people buy an average of 20 litres.

You can acquire a high quality water vending machine here at Peupe Technologies at the best prices and start this profitable water ATM business in Kenya.  You can contact us on 0728569060 to place your order.

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Water Vending Machines in Kenya

Water vending machines in Kenya are usually classified based on the number of taps from 1 tap vending machine up to 4 taps or more. There are also wall mounted ATM machine, cabinet water vending machine, table design machines, and pure fresh water vending machine.

The choice will depend on the design of your shop and how you want to do business. Wall mounted water ATM machines are usually installed on site while the other types are assembled in the workshop and delivered to customer.

Water Vending Machine Prices in Kenya

The water vending machine prices in Kenya are as follows:

  • 1 Tap Water Vending Machine – Ksh 100,000
  • 2 Taps Water Vending Machine – Ksh 130,000
  • 3 Taps Water Vending Machine – Ksh 160,000

The above are the most common sizes, for every extra tap (comes with other accessories) you add Ksh. 30000. The above are the average water ATM machine price in Kenya which can also be customized depending on user preferences.

If you are looking for the best water vending machines for sale, you can contact Peupe Technologies on 0728569060 or email us info@peupetechnologies.com to order your machine. We are located at Juja next to JKUAT.

Features of Peupe Water Vending ATM Machines

  1. Has a 4 stage water purification system with 3 membrane filters to remove any sediments or dirt and 1 UV sterilizer which kills any bacteria in the water maing it safe to drink from the machine.
  2. Smart controller (PLC) to store sales records, change price, change password and other settings. This is what makes the machine smart and fully automatic.
  3. Stainless steel vending box and taps/nozzles which are food grade and KEBS compliant.
  4. Rinsing unit with high pressure water jet to clean customers containers
  5. Automatic vending machine which means that the user just needs to enter an amount and the machine will compute the exact volume of water to dispense to the customer automatically from as little as Ksh. 5.
  6. Lipa na Mpesa Integration (optional) – The water refill ATM machines with Lipa na Mpesa feature are fully automatic and the customer can serve themselves without having an attendant at the shop. The machine has a Till number sim card which detects Mpesa transaction and name of buyer. The machine then dispenses water equivalent to that amount when the customer presses a button.
  7. At least 2 pumps – Comes with at least two high quality water pumps one for the drinking water and one for the rinsing water.
  8. Plumbing materials – The machine is inclusive of plumbing materials (we normally use nPVC pipes) and installation at the shop. The cost is eclusive of water storage tank where a customer can choose the capacity they prefer e.g. 1000 litres, 2000 litres, 3000 litres or more depending on demand.
  9. One year warranty – All our water vending machines come with 1 year warranty.

How A Water Vending Machine Works

You can order a high quality water vending ATM machine from Peupe Technologies by calling us on 0728569060 or email info@peupetechnologies.com.

A water vending machine has has various components which work together to form what is known as an embedded systems. The components include a controller (PLC), flow sensors, keypad, water filters, pumps among other items.

The business owner can either choose to go with a machine that has a keypad only,  keypad plus Lipa na Mpesa or keypad plus coin acceptor. These combinations determine the type of payment the machine will accept.

Keypad only is for cash payments only. When the buyer hands over the cash to the water shop attendant, the attendant just enters the amount on the keypad and presses two more buttons to confirm the amount and the machine calculates and dispenses the respective volume of water to the buyer’s container. The PLC is programmed such that it does price and volume computations very accurately.

For the water vending machine with Lipa na Mpesa feature, it has a dedicated Till Number sim card and anytime some makes a payment to that specific Till Number, the machine detects the transaction automatically and displays on the screen. When the buyer presses the specified button, the machine dispenses water equivalent to the amount paid. This means that the machine can be self service. For these types of machines, in case the buyer does not have Mpesa, the shop attendant can just use the keypad and machine password to serve the customer.

The last working principle of water refill machines, is having a coin acceptor where customers can insert coins and the machine will dispense water equivalent to that amount. A coin operated water vending machine price in Kenya starts at Ksh 100K for a 1 tap machine. This method is getting phased out as coins are not very popular nowadays. We actually do not encourage people to have this type of machine for various reasons.